Your individual Travel-Check with OEVKG.

Thanks to our cooperation with Österreichische Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft (OEVKG) you get important information for your journey. With this unique service, we take the bureaucratic burden off our customers’ shoulders to struggle through the jungle of legal texts or regulations from a wide variety of sources.

Do you feel familiar with these questions? 

  • May I currently travel abroad for professional or private purposes/activities?
  • Which borders/border crossings are open and how do I reach my desired destination?
  • Do I need special documents/confirmations?
  • Do I have to undergo a quarantine when entering or leaving the country?
  • Do I need a current Covid 19 test?
  • Is a tracing/tracking APP mandatory for this country?
  • May I need a visa for this country from now on that I didn’t need before?

OEVKG takes the concerns and fears of customers seriously! 

The unique NEW SERVICE, the so-called TRAVEL-CHECK, offers customers the INDIVIDUAL check of your journey for feasibility and special regulations!

How does it works?

Customers can use the new TRAVEL-CHECK service for all private and professional trips within and outside the EU.

After extensive examination, the experts of OEVKG will send you a complete overview of the provisions regarding:

  • entry and exit
  • quaratine measures
  • information about border openings
  • necessity of Covid 19 tests etc.
  • including all source references

There are 2 ways to book your TRAVEL-CHECK with OEVKG:

  1. Very easy and convenient via ONLINE portal:
  2. OFFLINE using classic forms:
    order form and application form


  • The cost per TRAVEL-CHECK amounts to EUR 49,90 (net plus VAT per order) – charged by OEVKG.
  • If you need a SAMEDAY processing within 24 hours (on working days), OEVKG charge a sameday surcharge of EUR 29.90 (net plus VAT).
  • Should you wish to revise the existing order shortly before departure (within 14 days), a revision fee of EUR 29.90 (net plus VAT) will be charged.

General Terms and Conditions of OEVKG will apply for this service.