Qatar Airways startet mit Quisine

Qatar Airways has launched its new Quisine culinary experience for Economy Class passengers including new menus, larger portions and new snacks.

Initially, the new Quisine service concept will be rolled out on flights to Brussels, Cardiff, Gothenburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg, before it is gradually introduced on all the carrier’s other routes. At the start of the flight, passengers will receive redesigned menu cards, with a precise service timetable on all long and ultra-long haul flights. The thinking behind the approach is to ensure that passengers can plan their flight without missing out.

Various drinks – including sparkling wine and cocktails – and snacks will be offered before the main meal on all flights lasting five hours or longer. Portion sizes will be increased by 25-50%, and have a clear focus on locally-sourced, fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients. A large selection of snacks is also available during the flights including cheese, crackers, chocolate bars, potato chips and Gourmet popcorn from 4700BC, which is famous for its innovative flavours.